I make handmade anatomical jewelry & metalwork. I aim to give a visual voice to invisible illness — creating products to promote awareness, celebrate a journey, or honor those lost.

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About The Artist


Rachel B. Stork Stoltz, MS

Beginning as a hobby, metalsmithing is now an integral part of my life. As a trained medical illustrator, my work involves the intersection of art and anatomy. Starting as merely anatomical forms representing my love for anatomy, my metalwork has evolved into inspirational pieces for patients with chronic disease as well as awareness designs. These people and patients are where I gather inspiration. Using items such as surgical staples from a lung transplant, I create custom pieces with deep personal meaning and narrative. These symbolic metal forms commemorate a life-changing event, celebrate a journey or honor those lost. Through my work I give a visual voice to invisible illnesses. I am continuing to learn traditional and new metalsmithing techniques to incorporate into and strengthen my work. While my illustrations and professional work before this had value, this new adventure adds a deeper level of meaning and fulfillment to my life.

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